Are You a Nerd?


The Hurricane, Writer

Fist off if u readin dis you pababy a nerrd. Ony nerdz r literate. Nerdz r peple ho reed büks four skool. If you reed da spaknotz or shmoop you still nerrd. Nerdz reed. If you where glassez dere iz high chanse u r nerd, butt knot four sure. Butt dere iz a diffrence btween nerdz, dorks and geeks, lern it.


Im knot exactly surr wat dorks do, butt it looks prity. Iff u hav a maff or sience clas and undrstand itt, you pabably a dork. Eye stll tinks it iz art. It is pretty lines shaps amd curves. Butt i confused becuse i dont c it in a museum.


Bean a geek iznt az bad. Geeks geek. Doz r peple ho git berry berry excited bout som tings. Butt if it iz a dorky thing or nerdy ting, dey can also b a nerd or dork. Da tree r knot mutally eclusive


If u wana spot out som nerdz, dorks, or geeks it iz ez. Cum 2 da libary peple dere r oozually nerdz. If you c peple do meth, dey r dorkz. Geekz r a bit hardr but u will no wen u c 1. Napoean Dinamite iz in da picture above, he agred to lit me tak dat picture four dis articl. He iz da prim eggzample of a nerdy dorky geek.


If you want to take some lessons on “How to no longer be a nerd/dork/geek” either find The Hurricane or Vicente Lopez.


Remember E for excellent, D for diploma, C for college, B for bad, and A for apple.