Senior of the Week: Rosa Lowenstein

Amila Niksic, Writer

You probably walk by Rosa at least once every day, and most of the time don’t even notice her. Rosa Lowenstein, although unknown to some, is the backbone of our school, and quite possibly our country. With her sweet but sarcastic attitude and constant annoyance at Jordan Piccone, she’s not only everybody’s friend, but also their role model.  In an exclusive interview with this elusive hero, The Eagle was filled in on some “never before seen” facts about her life.


Amila Niksic: “So, you’re a senior.  How has your experience been at Obama Academy?”

Rosa Lowenstein: “It’s been quite good, stressful but nothing…yeah”


AN: “What’s an interesting fact that no one knows about you?”

RL: “I’m allergic to feathers.”


AN: What is(are) your favorite class(es)?

RL: Math and Biology, but my favorite teacher is Mr. Naveh.


AN:  What do you do outside of school?

RL: I swim, run cross country, play tennis, play with balloons, and if I’m feeling spicy, I’ll      microwave some soap!


AN: What are your ideas for college?

RL: Well, my top choices are CMU, UCSD, and Northeastern, so right now I’m deciding.


AN: Last question, this one is kind of cliche but, what is your favorite food?

RL: My favorite food has always been watered down ice cream leftovers.

Thank you for taking time to read about the person that is changing your life without even knowing you. Next time you see Rosa, give her a high five, and say “Thanks Rosa!”