Sarah Davis on IB Art Exhibition

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Sarah Davis on IB Art Exhibition

Amber Davis, Writer

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Sarah Davis is a senior attending Obama Academy. She is taking the full diploma, meaning she is constantly preparing for the IB tests. Part of  IB Art is to create a collection of pieces to be displayed to the public at the IB Art Exhibition. The exhibition was April 21st and was included in Pittsburgh’s Gallery Crawl.

Below is an interview with Sarah, so continue reading to learn about her experience and a bit about the inspiration behind her collection of art works.


Amber: Hi Sarah, it’s fine if I call you Sarah right?

Sarah: …yes.

Amber: Good good. Have you always held an interest for art?

Sarah: Hmmm…yes. Wait, no. Wait scratch that. Yeah man.

Amber:What is your favorite medium to use?

Sarah: Watercolor.

Amber: Why?

Sarah: Why, because I like the versatility of watercolor and I also like that it is not extremely messy. What do I like about it? Okay, I find it thrilling and I like the looks I can achieve.

Amber:Hmm. Nice. Did you use watercolor for all of your pieces?

Sarah: No.

Amber: Approximately, how long do you think it took for you to complete all of your pieces?

Sarah:Do you mean all together or separately?

Amber: all of them separately

Sarah: Oh I don’t know. making art is a strange process. Sometimes pieces would take a while and feel like they took no time at all and others felt like they took forever and they were taking forever. Generally though, my pieces took anywhere from 2 hours to a few weeks.

Amber: Oh boy, that’s a long time.Tell us a little bit about your overall theme and inspiration.

Sarah: Well my overall theme was the human condition which is basically what makes us the way we are so I explored topics of love, pain, death, religion, responsibility, and conflict. For my artworks I was inspired by surrealist art, in particular Rene Magritte. I really like his paintings. I was also inspired by Shepard Fairey who is a street artist.

Amber: Do you think your art reflected these artists works?

Sarah: Definitely! I was inspired by Rene Magritte’s painting The Lovers for my piece called The Lovers. My piece Responsibility was generally inspired by Gibson Girls and Shepard Fairey.

Amber: Yes, I can see your inspiration. Your pieces turned out very well. How have the test been treating you?

Sarah: Alright. They are stressful though! I’m cool. I just don’t want the tests to rule my life, ya know. They are important so I’m trying. Overall they’ve been treating me well.

Amber: Good good.

Sarah: Is that all?

Amber: Yep!

Sarah: Alright.


Sarah Davis is a skilled artist who plans to attend Chatham University to get a masters degree in Fine Arts and Creative Writing. I wish her all the best with the rest of her IB tests and good luck in the future.




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