YAG Swears in New Officers

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YAG Swears in New Officers

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The past year has been a successful one for Obama’s Youth and Government club, and now a new generation has come up to lead the club. This Tuesday, outgoing President Lainey Newman swore in six people to administrate the club for next year.

President: Kyra Baillie. Kyra is a sophomore who served in the Blue Senate this year and was President-in-Training last year

Treasurer: Sam Bisno. Sam is a freshman who was a Gold Committee Chair in the House this year.

Secretary: Caleb Nesbit. Caleb is a freshman who served as a representative in the Gold House this year.

Legislative Advisor: Daevan Mangalmurti. Daevan is a freshman who was in the Blue Senate this year.

Judicial Advisor: Ekaterina Papazekos. Ekat is a sophomore who is an attorney in the judicial branch.
Judicial Advisor: Maddie Silvestri. Maddie is a junior who was elected as a justice this year and also served as the club’s judicial advisor.

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