First WPIAL Season for Obama Baseball Concludes


Obama Baseball’s first ever season in WPIALs has come to a close. And although the record may suggest that this is a year to forget, there were many positive takeaways to be had from the past month and a half as the team looks forward to next year.

First off, the group is young. In fact, only three of the eighteen listed on the roster are seniors – Zack Taylor, Donte Carter, and Ethan Reed. This means that the vast majority of the players will be returning next year with a full season of WPIALs under their belts, eager to improve upon their previous performances. Said team captain Zach Beckman, “I think it was a good year to learn what we’re up against and that we showed a lot of potential for the coming years.”

Even as the season went on, this potential began to shine through. Despite securing only one win in their section, the Eagles put up a fight, especially down the stretch. Hitting was more consistent. Defense was tighter. Pitching was stingier. Scores were closer.

Take the team’s last conference game of the season, for example – a 6-1 loss to Armstrong. Just three weeks earlier, this same matchup resulted in a 15-5 drubbing that lasted a mere five innings. This time around, OSU kept themselves in the game and mustered a late run that left the opposition, who no doubt expected to walk to an easy victory, biting their nails.

It is this transition to competitiveness that marks a successful first season in WPIALs for Obama. Standings are one thing, but what matters is the foundation that was laid for the future, and things are looking up. So while the playoffs may seem like an improbable goal this year, just you wait. In a couple years, the Eagles could be at the top of their section.