Senior (Citizen) of the Week: Dr. Wayne Walters

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Senior (Citizen) of the Week: Dr. Wayne Walters

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D-Walt is a medical man
He went to CMU
Caribbean Medical University
He became a Doctor of Bow Ties

Doctor Walters is a bow tie man
Purple, pink, paisley, plaid
He wears a bow tie all the time
Even when he’s in the bath

Wayne is a Batman(‘s brother)
At morning he leaves his drum-cave
And fights kids cutting class
With his steel drums and bow ties

Dr. Walters is a lo-tech man
He’s not interested in your email
He goes smash
When he sees your phone

D-Walt is a poem man
Excuses are bridges to failing
Wasting time is why I’m writing this at 11
Whatever I do is none of your business

Wayne is a simple man
Simple you, simple me
Don’t be simple
Or he’ll pop you like a pimple
(That’s disgusting)

His name is D-Wally
Short for Wayne
Whenever you see him
Call him D-Wally
(I stole that from Senior Citizen Teddy BBBear)

Auf Wiedersehen

P.S<3 If D-Wally has a calcium deficiency, he’s not telling us.

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