Obama Ultimate Frisbee Season Wrap-Up

Obama Ultimate Frisbee Season Wrap-Up
What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate frisbee is a team sport based on getting a frisbee from one end zone to another. Players constantly switch from offense to defense, making it fast paced and exciting to watch. The game requires only one plastic frisbee and maybe a pair of cleats. Frisbee does not even have referees, as everyone refs themselves. Ultimate frisbee is on track to becoming an Olympic sport, and it is a very big college game. The best college frisbee team is actually the University of Pittsburgh’s.

The Obama Team

This year the Obama frisbee team played in Pittsburgh High School Ultimate’s division two league. The team faced schools from not just Pittsburgh but also the suburbs going out as far as West Virginia. Although not winning every game- or most games- the team valiantly held top teams like Shady Side Academy at bay and out-smarted other teams with the Pancake maneuver. Despite losing spirit captain Jordan Picone to a dislocated shoulder, the team finished the season with a not last 14th place, barely losing a close game to Woodland Hills in extra time.

Plans for Next Season

Next year Isaac Degenholtz will be staying on as a captain, while rising senior Isaac Winograd will join as the co-captain. Our coach, Dan Goldstein, will be continuing on for next year. Currently the season Obama participates in is the spring season but if there is enough support the team may expand to both a spring and a fall season for next year.

Interested in playing frisbee with Obama? Contact Isaac Degenholtz [email protected]