New Staff at the Eagle!


The new school year is officially upon us, which means the Eagle is now back up and running! This year, we’re not only excited to welcome back returning staff members but also to introduce three new additions to the team: sophomores Jordan Rivers, Sidni Glover, and Daevan Mangalmurti.


Eagle Staff, Beginning of ‘17-’18 School Year:


Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief
Sam joined the Eagle staff as an editor in the middle of last year, and has since taken on the role of Editor-in-Chief. This year, he hopes to build upon the many improvements made to the paper over the past several months, as well as to continue to provide high quality content to our readers. Sam’s primary goal for this year is to make the Eagle more accessible to everyone and to feature as many new writers as possible.


Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director
Isaac will once again assume the role of Website Director. Last year saw significant enhancements to the Eagle website across the board, from visual renovations to a complete overhaul in terms of organization and categorization. This year, he will look to continue this trend. The website is sure to become even more refined as the year goes on, so be on the lookout for additional changes coming soon!


Jordan Rivers, Sports Editor
If you followed the sports section of the Eagle last year, there’s a pretty good chance you read at least one of Jordan’s pieces. As our resident expert, he will handle editing responsibilities for any sports related articles, including those pertaining to both Obama and the professional world.


Sidni Glover, Photography Manager
Sidni ran much in the way of photography last year, and will expand upon this this year as Photography Manager. The Eagle will look to grow into other forms of media in the coming months, with Sidni heading the charge. She will also resume writing her wildly popular column, “Humans of Obama”.


Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor
Daevan was one of our most active writers last year. This year, he will be sharing editing duties with Sam and Jordan. With him on board as part of a larger editorial board than ever before, the Eagle will be able to maintain a more steady flow of content at a higher standard than ever before.


We’re confident that our new staff will be able to elevate the paper to the next level. We look forward to hearing your feedback as the year progresses!