Get to Know Ms. Prezioso


“Imagine.” It’s the name of a song written by John Lennon. It’s also a quote that our dear Obama librarian, Mrs. Prezioso says often.

Annette Prezioso, our librarian here at Obama, is over 50 years old and was born in Fort Lee, NJ. She was raised there, but decided it was time to leave when her now ex-husband got a job offer here. That was in 1993 so that means she has been a resident of Pittsburgh for 24 years. I asked her about her first impression of Pittsburgh and she said that there were and still are too many hills. She said that it took her 3 years to get the lay of the land and understand that she would not be able to see the next road ahead of her. Her glows of Pittsburgh were how easily you can get tickets here, how it takes under an hour to get to the airport and how there is a strong love for literacy in Pittsburgh.

I asked Mrs. Prezioso some questions to get a better understanding of what she does as a librarian.

Ashanti Anderson: “Why did you become a librarian?”

Mrs. Prezioso: “I love to read books. I love children and I love to share my reading experiences with students.”

AA: “Do you enjoy your job?”

MP: “Love it!”

AA: “What is your favorite part of your job?”

MP: “Talking to children about books I’ve read.”

AA: “What are you required to do as a librarian?”

MP: “Here at Obama, I am required to teach research, but as a librarian I am required to curate the selection, meaning I customize the book selections so what you read is tailored to your reading levels and enjoyment.”

AA: “What is your yearly salary?”

MP: “I get paid adequately, but if someone wants to pay me more, I’ll take it.”

AA: “How long have you worked as a librarian?”

MP: “13 years.”

AA: “How long have you worked here at Obama?”

MP: “5 years.”

AA: “If you could rate your job 0-10, 0 being the worst and 10 being the best, what would your rating be?”

MP: “I would say 8.5 because of the technology issues. If the computers worked properly daily then it would be a 9-10 rate.”

AA: “How much longer do you plan to stay at Obama?”

MP: “Indefinitely. I don’t know when I will retire. I love what I do so that is what makes me unsure.”

AA: “What have been the best book you have read for book club thus far?”

MP: Everything, Everything by Nicole Yoon.”

There you have it. That is our Obama librarian, Mrs. Prezioso. “Be the change you wish to see.” It is the words of Gandhi and many leaders after him – including our librarian, Mrs. Annette Prezioso.