A PSA About the PSAT

A PSA About the PSAT

On the eleventh of October, 2017, the sophomore and junior classes will take the PSAT. The PSAT, though not widely discussed at Obama, is an excellent way to expand collegiate opportunities and prepare for the actual SAT. The PSAT is based on the same topics as the SAT, but operates on a different grading scale.

More importantly, the PSAT is also the National Merit Scholarships Qualifying Test. The National Merit Scholarship Program is a scholarship program that offers scholarships to high-achieving students. To qualify for the Scholarship, students have to be in their third year of high school and have some of the highest scores in their state (around 50,000 of the 1.6 million people who take the PSAT nationwide will qualify). To become a Finalist, it is necessary to have a combination of good grades, an SAT score that validates your PSAT score, and a statement from your principal.

Finalists are eligible for National Merit Scholarships, Corporate Scholarships, and College Scholarships. National Merit scholarships are awarded on a state by state representational basis. Corporate scholarships are awarded if a corporation wants to encourage a path of study for a student, or to recognize the achievements of children of company employees. College scholarships are offered by universities to certain Finalists who have chosen the given college as their first choice and have informed the National Merit Scholarship Program about that decision. Non-Finalists can also receive a limited number of Special scholarships offered by some companies that recognize outstanding academics as well as other activities and skills. The PSAT is a great way for students to minimize the costs of college and university, so test-takers should strongly consider preparing well for the exam and looking into the National Merit Scholarship Program.


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