Platinum News: Being Creative


Snow globes, costumes, characters of books, or plots of movies! You can create anything!

You think and see things in a whole different way. You are just one out of many people. The question is, to you, what does it mean to be creative? Well, that’s easy. “Being creative has to do with being passionate about something. Being hit with many moments of inspiration. As you create, you learn more about yourself and things around you that you haven’t noticed before,” said Aubree P.S. In this world, we all read books, watch movies, cook food, or buy the latest design or fashion. It could be as creative as thinking of solutions and ideas for situations and events. People every day add something new to this world that we never expect. Some people like it and some people don’t. It’s just our opinion. Do you think you are creative? I have asked around and the common answer is yes – at least according to Sophie L. and Ashanti A.

The rule to being creative is to have fun but to precede with precaution. Research, explore, and ask around. What’s trending? What do you enjoy? More importantly, what do others enjoy? We as creators must attract our audience’s interests. If we do that, then we’ve already won. The things we create can be fun, but they can also help us for the better. For example: A scientist finds a cure for a disease or an engineer creates a machine for those who can’t walk! Genius!

But beware! It’s not fun to copy others. Add your own individual color to the many colors in this world already. Trust me! Someone will notice, and if not, make them notice. But hey, don’t go around tying anyone up now. Haha!

The first step is to think of an idea. One thing I would also leave with you is that in some situations, if there is no path, then there would be no story. The next step would be to put your idea into action. You need to be able to get help for your ideas to be seen or heard. The last step is to tell others about it. If no one knows, then that idea will quickly die.

Not every creative idea has to make it internationally. It could just be popular on a national or local level, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important.

But this is about you. Do you think it`s time for you to have what it takes to move on to the next level? To be the next author? Artist? Movie producer? Many others can help and support along the way, but it’s up to you to make your idea come true.