Senior of the Week: Austin Burnett


Senior Austin Burnett

Our beloved Senior of the Week column is up and running again, and this week we’re starting with none other than Austin Burnett.  I caught up with Austin to give our readers an insight into the life of one of our own 2017-2018 seniors.


AN: What is your favorite memory of Obama?

AB: Ms. Gallo kicked me and my friend Carl out of class for being too weird.


AN: What will you miss the most?

AB: Ms. Papale


AN: Would you recommend Obama to incoming students?

AB: I have recommended this school to incoming students.


AN: What is one thing you would like to see changed about our school?

AB: IB curriculum, it’s pointless for non-IB students to take IB level classes.


AN: What is something you’d like to do in your free time?

AB: Gotta keep it PG….honestly, I like to look up astronomy facts and different types of sciences, stuff I don’t know.


AN: What is your favorite food?

AB: Toast, plain toast.


AN: What is something you’d like to accomplish in life? (it can be anything)

AB: I would like to work at home and make my own hours.


AN: What are your plans for college?

AB: I want to go to Pitt for physics and astronomy.


AN: Who is your favorite teacher?

AB: Ms. Papale


AN: Any shoutouts or last words?

AB: Shoutout to #bestfriend Julie and my girl Kay Kay.