Senior of the Week: Keshya Jones


This week we’re continuing Senior of the Week with the one and only Keshya Jones. I caught up with Keshya to give our readers an insight into the life of one of our own 2017-2018 seniors.


AN: What is your favorite memory of Obama?

KJ: When I won the city championship, (my) first year here, in basketball and also in track and field.


AN: What will you miss the most?

KJ: Just being in the environment, just being around the teachers, the people. Even the lunch ladies had an impact on me, even though that might sound weird.


AN: Would you recommend Obama to incoming students?

KJ: Heck yeah, what? I’m happy I picked Obama, it’s definitely one of the best choices.


AN: What is one thing you would like to see changed about our school?

KJ: Shoot, get middle school out of here! We need more high school students. We’re the only good high school, education wise, and if we got rid of the middle school, Obama would be dominant.


AN: What is something you’d like to do in your free time?

KJ: Definitely work out. I love working out in my free time, listening the music, surely, and I take myself on drives when I’m not doing anything. I love driving.


AN: What is your favorite food?

KJ: Chicken, all types of chicken.


AN: What is something you’d like to accomplish in life? (it can be anything)

KJ: I want to be a physical therapist or an athletic trainer. I just want to help people get better because they helped me get better.


AN: What are your plans for college?

KJ: I’m going for track and field and I plan on majoring in PT or AT .


AN: Who is your favorite teacher?

KJ: It’s just gotta be Sensei, it’s Sensei. He’s just laid back.


AN: Any sh outouts or last words?

AB: Shoutout to all my seniors, we’re getting there! Thank you to all Obama teachers for getting me where I am and where I will be.