Obama Students on What They Look For in a Teacher

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Obama Students on What They Look For in a Teacher

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Picture it: a classroom with a bunch of eager kids with a will to learn, but a teacher who does not share the same enthusiasm as the kids. The kids will lose their interest and won’t want to learn about the topic. This is why students have qualities they want in a teacher.

Students want to learn their subjects with a teacher whose qualities fully support them. These qualities can include patience, kindness, and interesting subject matter. These characteristics of a teacher can decide whether or not the students will pay attention to, respect, and fully follow them.

According to kidshealth.org, the top three roles that students look for a teacher to fill are suitable explainer who makes class interesting, humorous with a vast personality, and overall interesting person. The website also said that different age groups desire different attributes such that most teenagers wanted the teachers to go beyond the subject and help with other projects other than simply classwork. Most younger kids wanted a teacher who is patient, understanding, and willing to answer them.

When asked what attributes he looks for in a teacher, tenth grader Michael Eddy Harvey stated that he likes a teacher who “is competent, knowledgeable of the area they teach, controlling of their class, enthusiastic of the subject they teach, and wants to have their students to learn.” He wanted these qualities because they made him feel appreciated as a student and like he is learning. They also made him enjoy the class more. When asked if any of the teachers fit this description, he said that “there are many like that here.” Luckily we have teachers who are fun at Obama Academy and who care about us and making learning fun.

A teacher wrote an article about what they look for in a teacher. Nicholas Ferroni of the Huffington Post published an article showing what his students said. The results varied greatly in what each kid had to say. Most said they wanted a teacher who is kind, enthusiastic, confident in what they say, patient, and caring. Some said that they liked a teacher who can relate to them and is down to earth. One even said that as long as the teacher teaches the lesson, they are okay.

These results are similar to what Michael had to say and, again, it is lucky that we have teachers like this at Obama so we do not end up dumb without any knowledge on algebra, history, and other subjects. Another tenth grader had something similar to say. Oliver Blackstock IV said that he likes a teacher who teaches the lesson with “pizazz” because it keeps him “interested in the discussion” and he will “pay attention to what the teacher is talking about.”

It is very clear that students just want a teacher who not only fulfills their basic duties but who goes beyond. They want someone who understands them and likes to teach. They want someone who they can relate to and loves to ensure that their students get their education. We are fortunate enough to have many teachers who fit this description at our school.

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