Interview with a German Exchange Student


German exchange student Laura

Recently, I sat down with Laura Dieli da Costa, one of approximately 15 German exchange students who will be attending Obama for the next two weeks, to discuss her thoughts on the United States as a foreigner. Below is the interview.


What is your name?


How old are you?


What part of Germany are you from?


What are your initial impressions of the United States?

Everything here is bigger than in Germany, and the people here are more friendly.

What has surprised you the most?

Actually, I wasn’t surprised at all. Everything was pretty much like what I had heard.

What is most different from Germany?

One thing that is really different is the relationship between teachers and students. In Germany, it’s more like just teacher and student, whereas here I think the teachers really try to be your friend.

Anything similar?

Not really to be honest.

How’s the food?

It’s a lot. I’ve tried many thing new things here that I would never have tried if I hadn’t come here. And the portions are bigger.

What will you tell your friends and family about the U.S. when you return home?

I will tell them that I definitely have to come again. The way you live here is amazing. It’s so different from Germany. Here, it’s like if you want to do something you just do it and don’t think about what will happen, or something like that.

Is there anything Germany could teach the U.S. to improve it?

Huh. I really don’t know.

Any other comments?

Not really.


We at Obama are very fortunate to often have opportunities like these to connect with people from all over the world. Simply by chatting with Laura for five minutes, I was given an invaluable insight into the culture of a country over 4,000 miles away, a country that I have never stepped foot in and may never step foot in in my lifetime. It is experiences like these that truly make our school so special.