Obama Alum Adrian O’Sullivan on His Thoughts on College

Community College of Allegheny County

Community College of Allegheny County

Obama alum Adrian O’Sullivan recently returned to Obama and while he was here I interviewed him to learn about his life post-Obama and his insights about college for current Obama students.


Isaac Degenholtz: What college do you go to?

Adrian O’Sullivan: Community College of Allegheny County.

ID: Do you like it?

AO: Yes, it’s a nice change in pace.

ID: Is it more difficult than Obama?

AO: By no means. The Obama I.B. program helped prepare me for college.

ID: What about college do you enjoy more than Obama?

AO: I get to pick the courses I enjoy and need for my degree. It’s easier to manage time and I am not in class all the time.

ID: Do you have a degree you want right now?

AO: Major in physical therapy and minor in history.

ID: What do you miss about Obama?

AO: The frisbee team, Mr. Dumbrowski, Ms. Prezioso, and Mr Ehman.

ID: Do you think the I.B. Diploma Programme has helped prepare you well for college?

AO: Yes. Thanks to Mr. Naveh, Mr. Ehman, Mr. Chapman, and the rest of the teachers at Obama, I feel like I am more than ready for college-level work. While my fellow classmates at CCAC are struggling to keep up I am miles ahead of them.

ID: Anything else?

AO: I wish there were more sports teams at CCAC. I am glad to have left Obama for new horizons but am always thankful for the time I spent here.