Seniors Return for IB Day


This past Thursday, several members of Obama Academy’s class of 2017 returned to the school for its annual IB Day. During this event, IB Diploma and Certificate recipients receive the physical copies of their honors and are reimbursed for the cost of the IB exams that they took. 12th grade English teacher Mr. Denlinger says, “It’s a nice way to reaffirm what the teachers are doing, to show that they’re helping students succeed.” The event is also an opportunity for old classmates to reminisce and see their teachers again. Diploma and Certificate recipients from the class of 2017 are listed below.

IB Diploma Recipients

Nathaniel Boyer // Gordon College

Cymon Butler // Chatham University

Isla Chapman // Drexel University

Sebastian Conway-Phillips // Temple University

Sarah Davis // Chatham University

Francis Eddy-Harvey // Swarthmore College

Ellen Gaul // Cornell University

Tae Chaun Goggins // Edinboro University

Sam Houser // University of Pittsburgh

Tobias Junker // Carnegie Mellon University

Benjamin King // University of Pittsburgh

Adam Laslo // Robert Morris University

Rosa Lowenstein // Carnegie Mellon University

Ryen McHenry // Seton Hill University

Eleanor Newman // Harvard University


IB Certificate Recipients

Vicente Lopez // Pennsylvania State University

Ethan Reed // Chatham University

Raina Holt // West Chester University

Mary Grace Uy // Point Park University

Marce Nixon // West Virginia University

Louis Schoen // Point Park University

Kayla Humphries // Point Park University

Josephine Friedman // Chatham University

Jordan Picone // University of Pittsburgh

Jessica Kiss // University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Jamie Pachuta // Walnut Hill School for the Arts

Ileana Garcia // Texas Tech University

Faith Greenfield // University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Emoni Jones // Chatham University

Eli Diamant // Dickinson College

Elena Woodworth // Chatham University

Breland Brown // Geneva College

Benjamin Eddings // University of Pittsburgh

Antoine Stribling // Slippery Rock University

Anonda Garnett // Community College of Allegheny County

Alexis Williams // University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Adrian O’Sullivan // Community College of Allegheny County

Theodore Jackson // Gap Year

Shayla Clark-Johnson // Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Mya Johnson // Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Miracle Collington-Dennison // Pennsylvania State University

Taylin Tyler // California University of Pennsylvania

Nicholas Mondor // Duquesne University

Michaela Porter // University of Cincinnati

Makayla Suska // University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Hezekia Johnson // Lincoln University

Anabelle McCombs // Temple University

Delante Murphy // Chatham University

Courtney Thomas // Lincoln University