Deliciously Cheap: Choolah

Deliciously Cheap: Choolah

Today marks the return of the least read column on The Eagle, Deliciously Cheap. While continued writing for this column will be spotty, I wanted to highlight a new addition to the food scene near Obama, the fast-casual Indian restaurant Choolaah. While Choolaah’s official opening is today, the 26th, a friend and I had the chance to drop by on the 23rd of January at its soft open to sample some of the restaurant’s offerings.

I tried the chicken biryani, a variation on a typical North Indian dish consisting of rice, vegetables, raisins, and protein. Choolaah’s take on the classic was covered with a flatbread shell, which added a nice crunch to the dish. While the biryani itself is relatively dry, the addition of a little sauce (I prefer the Choolaah Fire or Choolaah Lava) gives the dish some zest and spice. My friend got the chicken wrap, which is composed of chicken and vegetables rolled in naan, a type of leavened flatbread similar to pita bread. He enjoyed it immensely, although he wished the portion sizes would have been a little larger.

Besides the biryani and wraps, Choolaah also offers bowls, which you can either make yourself or follow a set template, similar to Chipotle. While I didn’t get a chance to try those, I’ll be sure to return to sample them another time.

Choolaah makes a variety of Indian drinks and desserts, including mango lassi (a yogurt-based drink), chai (Indian tea), mango lemonade, kulfi (a type of ice cream), and chocolate truffle (an Indian take on the classic).

I’m incredibly excited to see a new restaurant offering interesting food in East Liberty, and I sincerely hope that Obama students will take the chance to visit it and try something new the next time they are faced with a choice between Choolaah and Chipotle. I enjoyed it enough to plan on returning, and I hope you do too.

Choolaah on the inside

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