Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

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It’s become a tradition for many families all over the country, even around the world. People make resolutions, or promises, that they try to keep in the New Year. But even though they are made with good intentions, most of us can’t seem to fulfill them. So here are a few ways that you can make a good resolution and be successful in keeping it:


Make a reasonable resolution

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include losing a certain amount of weight, eating healthier, traveling more, and checking something off on a bucket list. Most, if not all, of these require a lot of work. How can you make it easier to achieve? Start small and work your way up. For example, instead of saying that you want to eat healthier, be more specific and say you will try a few new foods. Or if you want to travel a bunch, plan to take only one or two trips. This way, your goal is more within reach and if you surpass it, that’s a bonus!


Take baby steps

Even if you choose a simpler resolution, they are meant to take you out of your comfort zone and be challenging in some way, shape, or form. To ensure that you don’t put off your resolution until near the end of the year, break it down into smaller pieces. Let’s use the eating healthier example again. First, try a few new foods that are generally considered to be “healthy.” If you like them, try to incorporate them more and more into your daily eating habits. Even slimming down your portions is considered eating healthier. But that doesn’t mean that you should start skipping meals every few days. Simply watch how much food you eat (not necessarily calories, but the actual size that the food takes up on your plate).


Find the time

As stated above, don’t wait until the end of the year to do your resolution; it will totally stress you out, and that worrying will take time away from you actually doing the resolution. So even though you might be super busy throughout the year doing whatever it is that you do, start the year off by setting aside some time to work on your resolution. You don’t have to write it on a calendar or anything (although that would probably be helpful). Just don’t procrastinate it!


Have fun with it

New Year’s resolutions are meant to be beneficial and make you feel like a better person. So don’t look at it as though it’s a boring project you have to do for class. Think about how you’ll feel when you finish it, then hold on to that feeling and just do it!

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