1 in 4 Women


Amanda Rose Jones, Editor

1 in 4 Women


In America,

Every 1 in 4 women is a victim of sexual harassment.

What does that mean to me,

What do those numbers mean to me.

Do they mean I should be cautious around every adult I see?

Do they mean I should live my life differently?

As calm as can be,

So what happened to all those other women,

Won’t happen to me?

Should I be angry,

Furious even,

That this is my reality?

That these are the things that happen systematically,

to the females in America.


That a woman is harassed in America simply for living.


That females in high school are four times more likely to be a victim of sexual harassment?


That I have to be on guard every time I’m walking home late because I’m afraid of what can possibly happen to me?


That me, and any other women have to be careful all the time, so as not to fall victim to the statistics that have claimed millions of women?


That no matter how harsh, this is my actuality?

That I have to live my life knowing the truth,

That it’ll never be safe for a woman like me?

And you.

What do these numbers mean to me.