Rewarding Pre-Legislative Session for Obama YAG


Obama’s Youth and Government Delegation

Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief

On Saturday, Obama’s Youth and Government members underwent the customary ritual of waking up at the crack of dawn and getting on a bus headed to the suburbs. This time, the locale was Homer-Center High School in Indiana County, about an hour outside of the city. The event was Western Pre-Legislative Session—Pre-Leg for short—where youth congressmen and congresswomen are trained for their various positions and critique one another’s bills, and attorneys gather to further review this year’s Pennsylvania Supreme Court case. This go around, in addition to the normal proceedings, the first half of Senate elections took place, and candidates for next year’s Editor in Chief of the press corps, Speaker of the House, Lieutenant Governor, Chief Justice, and Youth Governor gave speeches and answered questions in a town hall forum.

For Obama, it was certainly a busy day. At 9:30 sharp, Blue Committee Chair Sam Bisno and Gold Committee Chairs Zaire Giles, Justin Hartberg, and Caleb Nesbit reported for a two-hour debrief on the ins and outs of running a committee. Meanwhile, Isaac Degenholtz, Michael Eddy Harvey, and Daevan Mangalmurti convened for Blue Senate meetings, where the latter two pitched themselves via video for the positions of Majority Party Whip and Majority Party Leader, respectively. Michael was soon rewarded, as he won uncontested, but Daevan will have to wait to hear the results of Eastern Pre-Leg next week before he’ll know his fate. On the Gold side of things, Senators Oliver Blackstock IV and Dino Papazekos looked on supportively as their fellow Eagle Aubree Peterson-Spanard secured a spot as either Majority Leader or Whip; she too will have to hold her breath until next Sunday to find out exactly which of these two illustrious roles she will hold come Model. Delegation President Kyra Baillie, along with the rest of Governor Colin Black’s cabinet, enjoyed a productive day as well as she began the long and arduous process of evaluating proposed legislation.

Finally, Zoe Fuller capped off the occasion with an eloquent address about giving back to the club that has given her so much as she kicked off her campaign for Chief Justice.

Now we gear up for Harrisburg’s model convention in April—67 days and counting.

Daevan Mangalmurti's video for Blue Senate Leader. Created by: Isaac Degenholtz and Sam Bisno
Michael Eddy- Harvey's video for Blue Senate Whip. Created by: Isaac Degenholtz and Sam Bisno