Not Sure What You’re Doing this Summer? Here are Some Ideas

Amila Niksic, Writer

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School is out in 84 days, but after all the finals are over and the sun is finally shining, there isn’t much to do. Luckily, in Pittsburgh there are great opportunities for high school students to earn some money while having fun through the many available employment options.  Aside from the typical lifeguarding job for teens (although it is included), here are some different options to make some dough (usually more than minimum wage!).

Retail and Food


Pay rate: starting at $7.25

Position: Barista

Whole Foods:

Pay rate: starting at $11.00

Age: 16+

Positions: Variety

Rita’s Italian Ice:

Pay rate: starting at $8.00

Age: 15+

Position: Ice Scooper


Pay rate: starting at $11.00

Age: 16+

Positions: Variety


Pay rate: starting at $10.00

Age: 16+

Positions: Cook, Cashier

Paid and Unpaid Internships

Phipps Conservatory:

Age: 16-18 (no seniors)

Status: Paid

Length: 6 week paid internship “Learning for a Greener Future”

Apply by April 1st here:

Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History:

Status: Unpaid

Length: through the Summer

Apply here:

Summer Learn and Earn:

Age: 14-21

Status: Paid

Length: 6 weeks

Apply through May 4th for an opportunity to learn skills, make connections, and earn money by working for different companies over the summer:



Length: Summer

Age: 15 and above

Pay rate: starting at $8.91


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