State Representative Visits Obama


State Representative Ed Gainey speaks to students

Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor

According to Senior Ian Thomas, his beard got a “special tingling” that had to indicate that “someone powerful had walked into the room” when State Representative Ed Gainey made a surprise appearance in the lunchroom today to encourage eligible seniors and juniors to register to vote in the upcoming state primaries and midterms. Rep. Gainey has served in the State House of Representatives since 2013 as Representative for the 23rd District, which includes Homewood, East Liberty, East Hills, Lincoln-Lemington-Belmar, and Wilkinsburg. Obama is within the district.

Senior Sead Niksic said he was pleasantly surprised by the visit but, “incredibly disappointed in [his] fellow students,” for not paying attention and horsing around while the Representative was speaking. Ian added that he was disappointed that the administration had not taken the time to inform students that the Representative would be visiting, and that there was very little organization around the visit. Senior Alex Jacobs, who voted in the last municipal election, ended the conversation on an optimistic note, saying that he hoped that other eligible students would vote and that, “It’s important that students start voting early. We really are the most progressive group of people in a lot of ways, and it’s important that the younger population go out and promote positive change.”

The deadline for eligible voters to register to vote in the May 15th primary elections is April 16th, this upcoming Monday. Interested persons should speak to Mr. Chapman for more information.