Senior of the Week: Isaac Winograd


Senior Isaac Winograd

Amila Niksic, Writer

Isaac Winograd is this week’s Senior of the Week. Isaac is a valued part of the trinity of Isaacs that play for the Obama Eagles Frisbee team. Isaac has a smiling personality and is always up for a deep conversation. Learn more about Isaac below:

What is your favorite memory of Obama?

Ummm can it be Ultimate Frisbee? We played a game and Daevan caught the game winning catch. We had 3 big guys who all missed it and big Daevan caught it and it was epic.

What will you miss the most?

Definitely a cliché answer but Mr. Ehman is definitely pretty funny. I like going into Schrader’s and playing the drums in steel band.

Would you recommend Obama to incoming students?


What is one thing you would like to see changed about our school?

More of a transparency about the expectations of IB and what IB really is in your underclassmen years, both as an education system and as a test.

What is something you’d like to do in your free time?

I play the drums.

What’s your favorite store?


What is your favorite food?

See above answer.

What is something you’d like to accomplish in life?  (it can be anything)

Just be.

What are your plans for college?

Ohio University (not Ohio State).

What do you want to major in?

Broadcast Journalism.

Who is your favorite teacher?

Ms. Dirling.

Any shoutouts or last words?

Shoutout to Yann, Sead, not Alex (I want this to be abundantly clear). To the 4 people reading this, be you. Being valedictorian is overrated.