Obama YAG Swears in 2018-19 Officers


Obama YAG 2018-19 officers

Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief

After a successful Model convention, Obama Youth and Government returned to Pittsburgh with the political fires in their bellies stoked, eager to begin preparing for next year. The first order of business? Elect club officers. Without further ado, here is your 2018-2019 YAG student cabinet, complete with their bios from the newly formed Obama YAG Instagram page:

President: Kyra Baillie

“Kyra is a junior at Obama and has been participating in YAG since her freshman year. She joined YAG to indulge her passion for expressing her opinions and was pleasantly surprised to learn that in YAG no one is allowed to interrupt you (provided you specify that you will not be yielding to questions). She served in the Gold Senate her freshman year, in the Blue Senate her sophomore year, and most recently as the Secretary of Education on Governor Colin Black’s cabinet. Outside of YAG, Kyra plays soccer and swims for Obama, and is an excellent precalc student. 2018-2019 will be Kyra’s second year as Obama’s Club President and she could not be more excited for another year of making YAG the best possible experience for every member of the Obama delegation.”


Vice President: Sam Bisno

“Sam is a sophomore at Obama. In his first year as a part of YAG, he ran for and won the position of Gold House Education Committee Chair and was the secondary sponsor of fellow delegate Michael Eddy Harvey’s bill, which provided childcare for unemployed new mothers, and was signed by the Governor. This year, he was honored to serve as club Treasurer, working to pioneer creative fundraising ideas, including the debut of a GoFundMe page. He was also voted Outstanding Committee Chair for his role at the helm of Blue House Labor and Industry, and was one of two Obama delegates to be selected to attend the Conference on National Affairs in North Carolina this summer. Similarly to his freshman campaign, he was the secondary sponsor of a bill that was passed into law – this time, that of Isaac Degenholtz, which aimed to gradually put an end to charter schools. With the recent round of club elections, he was chosen as Vice President. He will look to follow up on his previous efforts as the delegation continues to grow both in size and experience. He hopes to broaden the club’s money-making endeavors while helping to recruit and train younger members, as well as aiding in the administration of day-to-day activities.”


Judicial Co-Advisor: Zoe Fuller

“Zoe has participated in the Youth and Government program for 3 years. In her first two years, she was an attorney in the judicial branch, placing as an alternate for NJC as a sophomore. In her third year, she served as a Justice on the Model Supreme Court. Zoe has also served as Co-President of the Obama delegation judicial branch for her junior year, and has been re-elected to the position for her senior year. Outside of YAG, she participates in soccer, lettering for two of her three years, and the school’s one-act plays. She hopes to do everything she can to make her senior year the best year for the Obama delegation possible.”


Judicial Co-Advisor: Ekaterini Papazekos

“Ekat is a Junior at Obama and is finishing up her third year in YAG and loves it so far! She had the honor of serving as a Justice and Judicial Co-Advisor this past year and is looking forward to another year of YAG.”


Legislative Advisor: Daevan Mangalmurti

“Daevan has served in the Blue Senate for two years, holding the position of Senate Majority Party Leader in 2017-2018, and was selected as an alternate for CONA this year and last year. His goal for the 2018-2019 year is to ensure that every delegate has a great YAG experience. Daevan would also like everyone to know that he is very fond of red pants and constantly gets made fun of for dressing like a divorced dad.”


Bill Coordinator: Caleb Nesbit

“Caleb is a sophomore at Obama and has been a part of the YAG program for two years now. During his first year in the club, he was a shy delegate that was scared to share his opinion in front of a big group of listening ears. After a second year of exponential growth, Caleb has no doubt that he is more than capable of guiding the next batch of Obama delegates to a successful Model conference.”


Parliamentarian: Michael Eddy Harvey

“Michael’s YAG career started when he was a ninth grader. He was the Gold Senate Majority Whip. He also got his bill passed in that same year. In his second year, as a tenth grader, he progressed to the Blue Senate and assumed the position of Majority Whip. He hopes to continue and accelerate his YAG experience well into the future.”