Obama Shoots Up In School Rankings

Daevan Mangalmurti, Editor

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According to the US News and World Report, Obama is now the 26th best school in the state of Pennsylvania, the highest ranking of any Pittsburgh Public School. This is a sharp rise for Obama, which was not ranked at all last year. It is also now the 1017th ranked school in the nation, out of 20,500 schools total. The increase in the school’s score can be attributed to the success of students on Keystones and IB exams. According to Anita Narayan from US News, “Top-ranked schools succeed in three main areas: exceeding expectations on state proficiency tests, offering challenging coursework and graduating their students.” The metrics for creating school rankings also consider graduation rates, diversity in the student body, incomes, and other test scores. The report’s statistics indicate that areas for the school to improve on are college readiness and increasing the percentage of students taking IB exams.

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