All You Need to Know About the NFL Kneeling Rule


Desmond Flewellen, Writer

Kneeling for the national anthem started with Colin Kaepernick. Colin first started this by sitting on the bench. People thought it was very odd and they didn’t understand the reason for it. So later on that season, he got interviewed. During week five he talked to CBS Jason Lacanfora and he explained why kneels, and that he still wants to play. Once he explained it to at least five people from different teams, others started to follow the trend after Kaepernick.

Now almost everyone is kneeling during the national anthem. Kaepernick is kneeling because of police brutality. He is also kneeling to show respect for people who have died during these attacks. I asked my fellow classmate David on his opinion and he basically said the same exact thing that people are saying in articles themselves. He says Kaepernick is, “Showing respect from all the black kids and adults who have been a victim.” And now Colin is on the verge of getting kicked out the NFL because of the one and only Donald Trump himself. Players to this day are still kneeling, this will be a trend that might not ever end.

Now coaches are asking each other, ‘is Colin still a great quarterback?’ Some say yes and some say no. But we may never know if they don’t put him back in the game. In my opinion, there are different QB styles and he fits into the better category. I think he still is a great quarterback and is better than Russell Wilson. Kaepernick had a couple bad games and then he was automatically replaced by a weaker QB, which actually had me kind of upset to even watch a 49ers game. They only won one game that whole season out of sixteen. Ross Owens thinks, “That everybody in the NFL is great players and in some cases, he is better than most QB and in other cases, he isn’t.” And I highly agree with Ross in so many ways because no one is the best at anything. There is always someone better than you and no one is the best.

Colin Kaepernick has also signed a new deal with Nike, and he will be the face of Nike for their 30th anniversary. Nike is making a pair of shoes and a T-Shirt regarding the kneeling movement. Nike is also donating money to Kaepernick’s “Know your rights” campaign. Some people think that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful and I’m not saying they’re wrong, but they are not right either. This is an opinion question that only you can ask yourself.