Official Highschool Survival Tips


Allisa Powell, Writer

There are multiple ’Occurring School Problems’ and these are some ways to survive them. They’re basic tips that you should know before entering high school. So you can still succeed and have fun without getting into drama every week.

One of the main problems in school are the bullies. Most people don’t know how to react when it comes to someone bullying them. Just choose the easy way out and you’ll be fine, there’s no need to stress it. If someone is bullying you and you need an immediate solution, just walk away. Don’t even speak a word. Bullies just try to boost their own confidence by picking out other people’s imperfections. So just keep in mind that you’re a strong individual and nobody is perfect. If a bullying problem keeps occurring and you can’t ignore it, seek help from a teacher. It’s also okay to tell the guidance counselor that there’s someone bothering you, and don’t feel like a snitch. If you are making school a better environment for you, then who cares? Nobody has to know, you can simply ask whoever you’re telling to not put your name into conversations they have with the bully or with others. Now that we have bullies mostly covered, there are other things you should know about high school.

Another really big problem in school is STRESS. Teenagers can only handle so much. Everybody gets stressed, but being in high school, and then dealing with stuff at home is a lot. Students try to balance everything at once which is hard, so they get frustrated and then give up on important things. High school is different from middle school, of course, but throwing everything at a Freshman can be extremely overwhelming. They need time to adjust to how different things may be. Luckily for students, there are ways to reduce stress. Take time for self-care. Make sure you get enough to eat and sleep. Learn to change your ways of thinking in high school, all teachers aren’t alike. It may also help you understand things better if you think from a different viewpoint. Take assignments one baby step at a time, it’s okay to not move as fast as the others. Do something you enjoy to get your mind off of everything for a bit. And another really big one, DON’T think about it really hard. Try to not think about being “stressed”. Speak it into existence that you are going to finish your work, that you will overcome a rough day, and everything will be alright.

The most common advice you’ll hear from people is staying true to yourself. Others aren’t benefiting from your education. It’s true. You can still have fun in high school, just make sure you’re on the right track. As long as you are doing what you have to for school, keeping up your grades, it’ll be a breeze. You’ll soon realize friends aren’t going to play a big part in your school life. Yeah, you can have them, but during school, they aren’t going to be there for you to goof off or help you work on everything.

I hope this, “High School Survival Kit” helped some students entering high school. Just remember to do your best and stay true to yourself. Everything will be a breeze if you don’t think of school as a crazy place you have to go to five days a week. If you ever need advice on what to do, reach out to a senior, and you’ll be fine.