Student Athletes Of The Month


Athletes Reggie Branson and Zoeie McKnight

Constance Parrish, Jade Chamber, and Isabella Pierotti

That’s Zoeie McKnight and Reggie Branson, they have both been members of the Obama Eagles soccer team since 6th grade! Zoeie and Reggie have both been playing soccer since they were 6 years old, both of these kids are student-athletes and today they will explain the struggles of being a student-athlete and the rewards.

Meet Zoeie McKnight. She plays left wing for the Obama Eagles soccer team. Zoeie decided to join the soccer team because it’s a way for her to express her anger. In her case, being a student-athlete is hard because she is usually worn out and tired after games. Especially because the games are so late and far away. Sometimes she doesn’t get to finish her homework. As of right now, Zoeie doesn’t think she’ll want to play professional soccer.

Meet Reggie Branson. He plays right wing for the Obama Eagles soccer team. Reggie joined the soccer team because a lot of his friends did it and he finds soccer really fun. Soccer has affected Reggie’s life because it gave him lifelong friends. Similarly to Zoeie, being a student-athlete is hard because he also has games that are far away, but Reggie says his coach is very hard on the team about keeping their grades up. So he doesn’t think soccer has had that much of an effect on his school performance. As of right now, Reggie doesn’t know if he’ll want to play professional soccer in the future.