Obama Alumna Catherine Pierotti on College, Art Therapy

Catherine Pierotti

Catherine Pierotti

Isabella Pierotti, Writer

Meet Catherine Pierotti, one of the many Obama graduates of 2014. Catherine now attends Carlow University of Pittsburgh and is majoring in Art Therapy. She is very passionate about what she does and is also a minor in ceramics. She is now a senior and is planning on going for her master’s at Seton Hill University. I had the opportunity to interview her.

Isabella Pierotti: What is it like being in college?

Catherine Pierotti: It’s a life experience that has shaped me as an adult and I’m ready to enter society as a working citizen.

I.P: What have been your favorite memories of Obama?

C.P: When I was a senior editor in Journalism. I was one of the first classes to create the newspaper. Itwas wonderful watching it grow.

I.P: Did you play any sports?

C.P: I did. I played volleyball and softball.

I.P: What was your favorite class at Obama?

C.P: Japanese because I loved learning about the culture.

I.P: Do you have any advice for all high school students?

C.P: My advice for all high school students is to apply to as many scholarships as you can because it will help you a lot and don’t stress about what you want to be right away. Join clubs, get to know your community on campus, and rent books off of Amazon; they are way cheaper.

I.P: What is your major?

C.P: Art therapy with a minor in ceramics.

I.P: What is art therapy?

C.P: A therapeutic process where people of all ages can express their feelings through an art process. I work with children ages 11-18 who have been a victim of a traumatic event. It’s a very effective therapy and I am passionate about what I do.

I.P: Thank you for your time!

C.P: No problem, kiddo!

Catherine Pierotti is a caring individual with a big heart. She is very passionate about her major and all of her other classes at Carlow University of Pittsburgh. She studies hard and loves kids. She is also doing a part-time job at Obama and is here on Fridays. She is working with Mrs. Coyne as her assistant teacher, so come and visit this amazing young lady!