Beginning Band


Dabriaira Edwards, Writer

Dabriaira Edwards: What were your first thoughts walking into the band room? How did you think the class was going to go or play out?

Toshay: My first thoughts was that it should be a easy A. It is an elective, it’s not going to be that hard. All I thought I would have to do is just participate.

DE: Did you think you were able to accomplish the work being asked of you in the class? Did you do well on most of your performance test with music and how did you feel performing in front of the whole class?

Toshay: What was being asked of me was very complicated to accomplish because I had very little experience with music. I failed most of my performance test just because I was nervous with performing in front of the class and confused with most of the music.

DE: How would you describe Ms. Sharif-Lucas as a teacher ? Were you able to come together as an ensemble and play the music of your instrument? If so, how did that experience go?

Toshay: Ms. Sharif-Lucas is a good music teacher but she can’t help everyone at one time. Most days in class I had to figure out how to play a note or song on my own until she was done helping others that needed help. Towards the end of the class we would all come together as an ensemble and play the song together, but I never quite got it the first time like everyone else.

DE: How did you feel knowing that you had to take a test determining whether you were in the performance, that depended on your grade?

Toshay: Knowing that we had to take a test or final exam was so scary for me because I knew I wasn’t very good at playing my instrument, but when it comes to my grades I gotta do what I gotta do to get it done well.

DE: Overall, how did beginning band challenge you? And why?

Toshay: Beginning band helped me to be open minded about things I’m inexperienced [with], because at times it’s hard for me to adjust to new things or situations.

Electives should boost your GPA, not damage it, because most of the time they’re chosen based on your interests. But this interview shows how adjusting to out of the box things like music, especially when you have no experience, can be hard for some people. It’s like, “how can you put me somewhere without having any previous knowledge?” Electives should help students become more open-minded to new things and new beginnings. It helps them to be creative with a new agenda, to take on with them forever. Sometimes we as students have to become open to try new things we never thought we would, and who knows- you might choose a career in that field sooner or later down the road.