Welcoming New Obama Teacher: Ms. Duranczyk


Gabrielle Reed, Writer

If you don’t know who Ms. D is, she is the new 9th grade English 1 teacher in room 238. When I interviewed Ms. D, she told me what brought her to work here at Obama, along with a few other things.

Gabrielle: What drew you to come work at Obama?
Ms. D: I was drawn here because it is a good school with many challenges and great kids.

G.R: What school did you work at before?
Ms. D: I worked at Student Achievement Center also known as Letche.

G.R: What do you like about the school so far?
Ms. D: I really like my colleagues, they are cool and the kids are awesome.

G.R: What are you excited about this coming school year?
Ms. D: Learning about the IB program.

G.R: What drew you to become an English teacher?
Ms. D: It allows me to be creative.

As you can see, Ms. D is very excited to be working here as an Obama eagle. Furthermore, Ms. D is very eager to learn more about the IB program and is ready to face the challenges of working here at Obama.