Tyelre Davis’ Point of View

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Tyelre Davis’ Point of View

Jade Chambers-Davis, Writer

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Tyelre Davis is a proud graduate of Obama Academy. He made the decision to not attend college right after high school and go back to school when he is secure and ready. As of now, he is living in Miami, Florida, ready for any situation that comes toward him.

Jade Chambers​:​ What year did you graduate from high school?

Tyelre Davis​:​ 2014.

JC:​ What were some of your best experiences at Obama high school?

TD:​ The pep rallies, Mr Ehman’s class, and prom.

JC:​ Did you participate in any sports/clubs?

TD: ​Film.

JC:​ Was the staff/administration helpful when you first arrived at Obama?

TD: ​I came from Frick, so I kind of knew all of the teachers. But the ones that I didn’t know were

very welcoming and helpful.

JC:​ After highschool did you attend college?

TD:​ No.

JC: ​What were your plans coming out of high school?

TD: ​To work and save money, then eventually go back to school.

JC:​ Did those plans you had work out? Why or why not?

TD: ​Yes, my plans worked out great. I work for T-Mobile and did so well I was offered a position in Miami, Florida, where I’m currently living. I’m a manager in training with the company and I’ve been working for them for 3 years. I believe it worked out so well for me because I always knew what I wanted to do, not work-wise, but I knew I didn’t want to go right back to school and that helped.

JC:​ Are you becoming or have become the person you wanted to become in high school?

TD: ​No, there’s always room for improvement.

JC:​ What are you currently working on?

TD: ​I am currently working on my credit.

JC: ​Where are you at, in this point of your life?

TD: ​I’m living my best life.

JC:​ Did Obama prepare you for life after high school?

TD​: ​To an extent, yes and no. Yes, because they gave me the drive I needed to succeed. But no because there are no life training courses that teach about financial responsibility or how to build credit or anything about actual life other than if you want to go to college. I think there should be some type of class that teaches you how to budget and understand investing in a 401K plan. We’re asking students to be adults when they graduate when they just had to ask their teacher to use the restroom.

JC: Do you recommend this school for other students either going to middle school or going to high school?

TD: ​Yes I do because of the teachers and the work that has to be done to maintain good grades. I like that the work pushes you to think hard and work even harder

JC: Did your overall experience at Obama Academy have a positive or negative effect on you now?

TD: ​Obama had a positive effect on me. During my time in school I’ve made lifelong friends and more moments.

Tyelre has worked very hard to get to where he is at this point of his life. Obama’s work ethic prepared him for what to expect out in real world. The most important message he wants to send is to stay on top of the work no matter what because it will be worth it in the end. Because of Obama, Tyelre is working up to become a very successful businessman.

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