The Overlooked Obama Band


Ajanna Jackson, Writer

For most people, Band isn’t considered a sport. They overlook all the hard work and effort the band members put in. Since they never get a voice, this is their chance. I needed to speak with someone in the band, so Imari Lockart-Colon, the quad player received interviewed.

Ajanna Jackson- How long have you been on the band?

Imari Lockart-Colon- Three years.

A.J.- Would you say it’s a great experience?

I.L.C.- Yea, I like the music and the band.

A.J.- Why do you enjoy band?

I.L.C.- It’s a great experience because the band is like a family.

A.J.- What made you join?

I.L.C.- I’ve always loved the drumline and all the different sounds that come to make a song.
A.J.- If you could switch to another instrument would you?

I.L.C.- I would switch back to the bass drum.

A.J.- Do you think joining the band made a good or bad impact on your life?

I.L.C.- A good one, it made me more outspoken and I made new friends.

A.J.- In what way did the band impact the school?

I.L.C.- It brings a new experience to the students and gives them a way to get out of trouble. It makes sure your grades are good cause if they’re not you’ll get kicked out.

This band player enjoys the band and works extremely hard. Even though she thinks she would probably play better in a different position on the band, she still strives hard to succeed at her current instrument. The band is a family and they always come together as one.