Teacher Feature: Ms. Stovash


Aastha Singh, Writer

Ms. Stovash simply being Ms. Stovash


Ms. Stovash is currently the 9th and 10th grade Health teacher at the Pittsburgh Obama Academy of International Studies. She is in her 9th year of teaching here at Obama, and surprisingly still loving it. She’s patient, organized, excited, and it shows in her teaching skills.  She has kindly allowed me to interview er after school. What’s below is the result of a great interview.

Aastha Singh: So, why did you choose to enter the field of health?

Ms. Stovash: I was more interested in Phys Ed, because I was always an athlete. I never really was that much into health until I started teaching, and then I really began enjoying health.  

A.S.: What jobs did you have prior to being a teacher? How long were they?

Ms. S.:  So when I graduated from college, I went right into the teaching field. I was pretty fortunate because they were looking for teachers. But during college, I was a supervisor down at the stadium. I would do security and walk around the stadium and make sure everything was good.

A.S.: What is the best part of  your job?

Ms. S.: The questions and comments you hear from students.

A.S.: What is the worst part of your job?

Ms. S.:  When you have to make a phone call home with unpleasant discussion.

A.S.: As a teacher, what are your best and worst qualities?

Ms. S.:  I would say my best is that I’m consistent. My worst is the students I think would agree with, my strictness.

A.S.: I don’t think the students would agree with that at all!

Ms. S.: Oh, well, good! Okay!

A.S.: If you could go back in time, would you choose a different career path?

Ms. S.: No, I enjoy teaching.

A.S.: Any other subject? Or just Health and Phys Ed. ?

Ms. S.: No. I mean, I like reading papers and what students have to say sometime but I could never go through what an English teacher goes through. Never. I give them all the credit.

A.S.: If there was one thing students take away from your class, what would it be and why?

Ms. S.: To abide by deadlines. You’re going to come across them sooner or later. And to be aware of what dealines mean. I hope that if they’re caught on the negative side, they learn from their mistakes so it doesn’t happen in the real world.

A.S.: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Ms. S.: At Obama! Still at Obama. I’ve gone over the bump. I’m working towards retirement now, I’ve got a long time. But I enjoy teaching.

During our little conversation about her career, it was evident how much Ms. Stovash loves her job and her students.  I’d like to thank Ms. Stovash for her time and on behalf of the Obama community, thank her for being an amazing teacher.