Senior of the Week: Mikaela DeCarlo


Mikaela DeCarlo

A shining star. Whether it’s dancing/dribbling on the soccer field or facing the light as she takes her bow on the main stage, Mikaela DeCarlo always stands out from the rest. If you know Mikaela like I do, you know that she goes out of her way to make everyone feel included. She will create a conversation even if there isn’t one naturally. She’s a hype god and a dancing queen and is a genuine, good person who deserves an amazing future full of amazing people. She’s also this week’s Senior of the Week.

Zoeie McKnight: Which colleges are you interested in?

Mikaela DeCarlo: I’m interested in IUP, Penn State, Drexel, and Temple, but I’ve already been accepted to Pitt, Point Park, and IUP, and I’m most interested in IUP.


ZM: How has your high school experience been so far?

MD: It’s been different and not what I expected it to be. There’s been good times and bad times but that’s normal. The best thing has been the freedom I’ve gained throughout the years.


ZM: What are your plans for the future?

MD: I plan to study psychology or education and become either a school counselor or a teacher. I do want to leave Pittsburgh for a little, get a feel of what’s out there, but I do want to come back to Pittsburgh for graduate school and start a family here where I grow up.


ZM: What is your favorite high school memory?

MD: Hands down has to be the musicals, especially 9 to 5 and Sister Act, but also directing my own one-act was up there too. Just the whole theater program as a whole has given me a new family and unforgettable experiences like winning best show and performing at the [Gene Kelly Award ceremony].


ZM: Which teacher had the biggest impact on you?

MD: Ms. McKrell for sure. She’s very understanding and gives good advice on everything. She inspired me to be a performer and has given me experiences I will never forget. She is also my biggest inspiration to go into education because of everything she’s done for me as a teacher but also as a role model. Also shoutout to Mr. Naveh. Your class is really hard but super helpful.


ZM: How do you think the school could improve to be a better place?

MD: I think the biggest problem is the CAS and PSP students having all combined classes in 11th and 12th grade. The expectations are harder to meet and a lot of people struggle to meet them. Also everyone shouldn’t have to take IB-level classes if they aren’t taking the IB exams. They should get to choose because it’s a much harder workload on everyone but especially those who have no interest in taking that exam, so there is no point in taking that high-level class. I also think that seniors should get an early release like other high schools in the city for work or if you have an internship or if you have things you need to get done to prepare for college, like interviews or visiting campuses.

Mikaela has been at Obama since 9th grade and has made a lot of memories, good and bad. Some of the good things about her high school career have been her experiences with the theater program and Ms. McKrell, which I know she will miss the most. She said her favorite thing was always the musicals and the bonds that it created. She had hoped to leave Obama with a smash-hit musical but instead will always cherish the times she had on stage in her freshman, sophomore, and junior years. She’s most likely planning on attending IUP in the fall and majoring in psychology or education. Mikaela is just an overall amazing person and will definitely be remembered after she graduates in the spring.