Senior of the Week: The Brain of a Boxer (Laron Rockymore)

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Senior of the Week: The Brain of a Boxer (Laron Rockymore)

Isabella Panasko, Writer

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Once that bell rings you’re on your own, whether heading to chemistry or stepping into the ring. National champion and Senior at Obama Academy, Laron Rockymore, would know this best. Well on that note, let’s get a little deeper in this boxer’s brain.


Isabella Panasko: What was your motivation to start boxing?


Laron Rockymore: Well, I was always a fighter; watching professionals helped me see that’s what I wanted to do.


I.P: Being an athlete such as myself, it takes lot of time and dedication to be able to stay balanced between school and athletics. In a day, how much do you think training takes out of it?


L.R: For me training takes about half my day, but dedication is key.


I.P: What is your motivation?


L.R: I don’t know actually- probably being able to watch pros and seeing how well-known they really are.


I.P: What are some struggles you face as a boxer?


L.R: Probably the big crowds and trying to keep my composure


I.P: When you leave Obama and graduate what are your plans?


L.R:  I want to be able to go pro and get a degree in engineering.


I.P: If you could give one message to your younger generation what would you say?


L.R: One thing I would say would be to never give up and go for your dreams.


Overall, being able to learn about this boxer’s brain has been an amazing experience. You never really know what some of your fellow students are up to outside of school, so maybe you should try to find out!

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