Senior of the Week: Atavia Carter

Senior of the Week: Atavia Carter

Fanaja West, Writer

Have you ever wondered how hard it can be being a senior? Well, I decided to interview a senior named Atavia Carter. I asked a few questions about her experiences from her freshman year up to her senior year at Obama, and where she plans to go after high school.

FANAJA: What grade did you come to Obama in?

ATAVIA: I came in 9th Grade

 FANAJA: What things did you do in your years at Obama?

ATAVIA: Freshman year I joined the cooking club, sophomore year I played the violin in Mrs. Shariff- Lucas’s class and my junior year I got my first job at McDonald’s.

FANAJA: What college are you planning to attend when you graduate?

ATAVIA: I plan to attend a university, but I haven’t quite figured out which one yet.

FANAJA: Do you want to stay in Pittsburgh or leave?

ATAVIA: I kind of want to stay in Pittsburgh so I can be close to family and friends, but then I kind of want to get away and explore new things.

FANAJA: Does being a senior stress you out?

ATAVIA: The school work this year for me hasn’t been as challenging as I thought it would be. You just have to pay attention and stay engaged and complete everything on time. You just have to learn how to balance your time, make sure you get everything done and be organized. I go to school every day and maintain a part time job. The hardest thing for me is getting enough sleep every day.

FANAJA: What is your favorite thing in Obama?

 ATAVIA: My favorite thing at Obama has been meeting new people and having such a great learning experience. My senior class gets along with everyone pretty well. Attending Obama has taught me a lot of things from math to English to history and even about myself.

When I interviewed Atavia Carter, I learned that being a senior is not really stressful; you just have to balance your time.