Senior of the Week: Ta’Shown Taylor


Senior Ta’Shown Taylor

Aastha Singh, Writer

For this week’s senior of the week, I interviewed the one and only Ta’Shown Taylor. Ta’Shown is an aspiring video game creator and an active member of numerous clubs here at Obama. He has a calm and laid back personality and extrudes intellectualism. Learn more about Ta’Shown below as you read the outcome of a fantastic interview.

Aastha Singh: Can you tell me a bit about who you are?

Ta’Shown Taylor: Well as you know already my name is Ta’Shown Taylor. I was born May 13, 2001 in Pittsburgh, PA. Before I came to Obama, I attended Sunnyside. My mother is Lashawn Foster and my dad is Theodore Rhodes. I was the last child born of three boys. My eldest brother’s name is Shawn Foster and the middle child of us is Carl Taylor, who is a former attendant of Obama as well.

A.S.: When did you come to Obama? Why did you choose Obama?

T.T.: I came to Obama for my 9th grade year and stuck [sic] with Obama since. I was contemptuous when it came to choosing which high school I actually wanted to attend. Many of my friends were attending Taylor Allderdice for their high school, and I also wanted a different experience from what my brother Carl had, but when I heard about Obama as a selection for high school it sounded like it had plenty of perks that would carry into college.

A.S.: Are you planning on taking the I.B. exams?

T.T.: I plan on taking certain IB exams, due to the fact that I am slightly lazy and most of the IB Diploma wouldn’t appeal to anything relating to the college I am trying to get into. Since film is my major and one of the only classes I enjoy, I decided to do that and English portions of the IB exams

A.S.: What extracurriculars do you partake in?

T.T.: For the past four years I have been a member of the boy’s volleyball team, for three years I’ve been a member of the Obama wrestling team, and for the last two years a happy participant in the biking club.

A.S.: What do you like to do outside of school?

T.T.: I am a serious game addict! It feels like I play games any time I get the chance to, in order to dispel any negative energies surrounding me. I also enjoy spending time with my younger nephews, helping them develop any chance I get, or just kicking it with them, enjoying

A.S.: How has Obama helped you grow, both as a student and a person?

T.T.: As a person it didn’t help me grow at all, but as a student it has prepared me for projects on top of projects within a project sandwich that I was eating in the projects…

A.S.: Are there any things that you would like to change about Obama?

T.T.: The biggest complaint from the student body is that there are just too many projects per class being assigned and [that] causes stress for us. Bathrooms   aren’t really fully operational either: some faucets don’t work, there don’t be [sic] no toilet paper either. Another issue is getting physical education for seniors. Obesity is already an issue in America, you’ll see some of these kids need the exercise as well. Not to mention, for some people, school is their only form of exercise. Another thing is to incorporate more programs at Obama helping out more than just the African Americans attending it. It is rare to hear about just a minority program that is happening or a program that supports the Caucasian kids, who are the minority of the school, occurring. I know there are more than 1, but there are so many ways to make it better. Also, not to be that person, but those middle schoolers got to go. When there are visitors or I’m just walking around throughout the day, they be wildin’ a lil too much. Just saying.

A.S.: What are your plans after high school?

T.T.: I honestly don’t know. I feel as though I know for a fact that I’ll be attending college, but as in for the little gap between college and high school, I haven’t really l planned much. I kinda just go with the flow, you know? It’s less stressful for me and always keeps me open to new things. As in for college, I’ll be attending Edinboro in the field of computer sciences and arts in order to become an elite video game developer and designer. My back up plan if this fails would be to land somewhere within the medical field, and if that fails,  then I’ll be probably doing construction or electrical engineering, and if any of these fail, I’ll end up a male stripper. I don’t know, it’s easy money for the last option, a little degrading though, but man’s biggest issue is pride sometimes.

A.S.: Is there any advice that you have for younger students?

T.T.: Strive to do your best. Sometimes you need different groups for different objectives in life. Although you may feel as though you’re doing well enough with your current friends, assigning specific groups for certain classes may benefit you much better in the end to meet your goals and extend your knowledge on how other people may view life or the world. This does not mean leave your friends behind either though

During our interview, it was evident how much Ta’Shown truly shines. He can rest assured that the Obama community wishes him well on any of his future endeavors, be it in game design, medicine, engineering, or exotic dancing.