Senior of the Week: Ava Eckenrode


Ava Eckenrode

LaRae’ya Odom, Contributor

Do you ever wonder what it is like to be a senior? Well, today I found out. I asked Ava Eckenrode a few questions about being a senior and what her plans are for after high school.


LaRae’ya Odom: In which grade did you come to Obama?

Ava Eckenrode:  I have been here since 6th grade.

L.O: What activities did you participate in during your years at Obama?

A.E: I was in Youth and Government during my junior year.

L.O: What college do you plan on attending after you graduate?

A.E: I think I am going to attend Cincinnati University for chemical engineering.

L.O: Is being a senior hard?

A.E: IB is brutal. It is a lot of work, but it is worth it at the end when you go to college. The teachers also help a lot so it isn’t that hard.

L.O: What is your favorite class at Obama?

A.E: My Spanish class is the most fun and has the best teacher.

L.O: Does being a senior stress you out?

A.E: Yes, it is very stressful, and you also have to worry about college, which is not cheap.


As you can see, being a senior is not all the fun and games that some people make it out to be. Ava is very nice and cool, however. She seems very funny and laid back. She is a good student and worked hard to be at the place she is at now. I believe everyone should strive to work towards their goals like Ava.