Black Life

Black Life

Jamilla Carter

Black lives matter

That’s what they all say, well at least us African-Americans

White people seem so arrogant?

Why do they give us one month about our culture

They forget about it and attack us like a vulture

Martin Luther King and August Wilson had a big impact in this world

Why do white people seem so twirled?

White people ask why do we say nigga to greet each other?

That’s just how we are amongst one another

Plus we didn’t say nothing when y’all called us niggers

Or whipped us then pulled the trigger

People say you shouldn’t use slaves as an excuse

But that was our people that you verbally and physically abused

Till this day racism is still happening

We are all human and that’s saddening

People say we spend all our money on shoes and weed

That’s the only thing that makes us happy or agree

They had separated everything back in the day

They focused on us like prey

These days, black people get shot by white cops for no reason

They were beaten and left bleeding

Some heroes are Harriet Tubman, Barack Obama and Maya Angelou

Everyday we probably hear stuff on the stereo

White people think they’re too good to have the treatment we had

Glad, mad, happy, sad those are the feelings we felt

Why do parents beat us with belts?

Oh, sorry, I’m getting off track

Black don’t crack and that’s a fact

March on Washington, 1963

I’m glad that we’re all free

Montgomery Bus Boycott, Rosa Parks

African Americans had broken hearts

They used to tear us apart

We need to come together as a youth

Black people are overcomers and that’s the truth