Senior of the Week Talaya Caldwell


Nancy Valenzuela, Contributor

Meet one of Obama’s senior Talaya Caldwell.Who’s been attending Obama for awhile and is starting to plan her future as she graduates in June.

Nancy Valenzuela: How was your experience in Obama?

Talaya Caldwell: My experience at Obama was pretty good. There’s a lot of work in high school that we get handed, but I still over all liked the Obama experience.

Nv: What would be your advice be to other students for getting good grades ?

Tc: Not to procrastinate and to stay on top of your work because when you fall behind it’s gonna be hard to catch up. Also, try to at least be early to class because It can affect many things.

NV: Are you planning to attend college? If so,what college and why?  

TC: Yes, I am planning to attend  University of Akron or Virginia. I would want to go to University of Akron because I am interested in criminal justice and that University actually has a criminal justice program that I am interested in.

NV: What were your challenges in high school? How did you overcome them?

TC: One of my challenges in high school  was when I fell behind on a lot of work and coming late to school played a huge part.How I changed  my actions was by coming in on time. I was struggling on my work so I started getting help on my work with my teachers.

NV: Do you have advice for upcoming seniors?

TC: My advice for the seniors would be to be on top of your work and always ask for help if you need it in anything because the help can improve a lot of your classwork and don’t procrastinate and get your work done.

Nv: Do you have a job or participate in any clubs or activities after school?

TC: I do actually. I work at Wendy’s on the weekends and I also do play basketball but I am actually injured right now so I cannot play.

All in all, Obama has many great and wise students.  The seniors that will be graduating this year will make the Obama community proud of their successes. Talaya Caldwell is one of those students who we will see reach her goals this year by branching into criminal justice.