Senior of the Week: Raven Haston


Deairra Wilson, Contributor

Meet Raven Haston, she is a track runner for Obama Academy. She is an African-American female, and she is getting ready to graduate from Obama Academy and attend Winston College.

Deairra: How long have you been attending Obama Academy?
Raven: I’ve been attending since 9th grade.

Deairra: What do you want to be in life?
Raven: Something with law enforcement.

Deairra: What is the best thing Obama Academy can say about you?
Raven: That I am determined in my work and not giving up.

Deairra: What’s the fastest you ran in track?
Raven: 11.9 in the city championship

Deairra: What have you learned most in school?
Raven: You come in with a lot of friends, and leave with one.

Deairra: How would you describe yourself?
Raven: Funny, carrying, loving.

Deairra: If you had a magic wand, what in the world would you solve and why?
Raven: I would solve what’s going on with the Americans and all the killing and deaths.

Deairra: What’s your main goal in life?
Raven:  To be successful

From my time with Raven, she has a beautiful smile and a strong personality.