Senior of the week: Jason Thomas


David Williams, Contributor

My name is David Williams I am a 9th grader at Obama. I got a chance to interview a senior named Jason Thomas at Pittsburgh Obama 6 – 12. He told me a lot about how being a senior in high school is way different from being a 6th grader in middle school. He told me about his experiences in high school at his good and the bad times and how he is getting through his senior year at high school.

David Williams: What are your plans after you graduate from high school? And why?
Jason Thomas: I plan to go to college and study in computer science. After I get my 4-year degree I plan on enlisting in the military. Not sure which branch yet but I’ve had an interest in the military for some time now and I think that I should see if it is a good fit for me and if it isn’t fall back on what I study in college.

DW: At what age did you come to Obama? And why?
JT: I came to Obama in 6th grade. My god sister went to this high school at the time and my mom thought it would be a good fit for me. Also, it was the high school that had German and I took that language class in elementary so it would’ve been better for me to go somewhere where I wouldn’t have to learn another language.

DW: What were your favorite memories about this School? And why?
JT: Well I guess my favorite memories are getting to know new people and spending time with friends goofing around. Also my sports teams and the biking club.

DW: While at Obama did you do any school activities? And why?
JT: Boys Volleyball, Wrestling, and Biking club. I enjoy wrestling but this year I might not be able to due to my concussion last season… my mom doesn’t want me to get injured and make her take me to the doctors every few days again. But for Volleyball I started because my anger management therapist said that she thought that I should do a non-contact sport so I can vent some anger…. and I found that I could still take anger out on other people by hitting the ball at the other players but I don’t do that normally. After a while, I grew to enjoy the sport a lot and I think a lot of people should try it out this year… we need more people. There are a lot of us graduating this year so we need people to keep the team going. I started biking last year and I think it’s great and I enjoy the people in the club… well not everyone but that’s another story… but that club is awesome and it’s kinda like another family. Biking club also got me a job over the summer this year, I was an assistant biking instructor and I enjoyed my job and some of the students I taught over summer actually go to this school. I plan on doing it again this summer but as a full-on instructor… big pay difference so it will give me money to start off college.

DW: How has your personality changed from being a freshman to now a senior? ( Like being Loud, Quiet or Shy) And why?
JT: I mean I really don’t really pay attention to that but I guess I’ve matured but I’m still a weird and funny person. I don’t know really.

DW: What are some things you like and dislike about Obama? And why?
JT: The lunch sucks but everyone knows that. But there’s not much that I don’t like about this school I think it’s a good place to be and learn so yeah. But I like the people and most of the teachers and the clubs and sports too. That’s it really I like almost everything here but the lunch and the HUGE workload.

DW: When you started high school did you choose to come to Obama?And why?
JT: I didn’t want to leave because it’s a great school and I like the students and teachers here.

DW: Do you do any activities out of school or have a job? And why?
JT: I don’t have a job and I don’t do anything awesome outside of school either, I go home play games talk to some friends and watch my brothers. Sometimes do homework but that’s it really.