Peabody Class of 1974 Visits Obama for 45th Reunion


A member of the Peabody class of 1974 addresses her fellow alumni

Sam Bisno, Editor-in-Chief

Approximately 30 members of the Peabody High School graduating class of 1974 visited Obama today as part of their weekend-long 45th reunion.

1974 was significant in the history of Peabody, as it was the last year before the building was partially demolished and reconstructed in the form Obama students are familiar with. Some of the features that were lost during the renovations include a large spiral staircase in the hallway that now houses the counselors’ suite and several classrooms in what is now the storage area of the basement. The cafeteria was moved up one floor to its current location and, as Obama students will likely not be surprised to learn, several windows were removed.

Following the shutdown of Schenley High School in 2008, some of its students were relocated to the Frick building, and from there to Reizenstein. After Peabody, which had dwindled in size considerably since the days of these alumni (around 2,500 students were enrolled when they graduated), closed officially in 2011 and its students were moved to Westinghouse, Obama inducted its first class in 2012.

Members of the class of 1974 reminisced about their past diablerie — from pranking a teacher by moving his entire classroom outside to carving their names in the backs of the wooden chairs that used to fill the auditorium. A dozen students from Obama’s junior class led the alumni on a tour of the building.

School Board representative Sylvia Wilson, herself a graduate of Peabody, spoke about the importance of preserving history within Pittsburgh Public Schools. By proxy, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald proclaimed May 25, 2019 Peabody Class of 1974 Day in Allegheny County.