The Change Students Want

The Change Students Want

Zoeie McKnight, Writer

Students have a voice, but a lot of the time that voice is disregarded. Shouldn’t we have a voice about the environment that we are in at least 35 hours of the week or even how things are done in the school? As a student at this school, there are many things that I would want to see changed. One of those things is the cafeteria. I feel like, as high schoolers, our lunch time still feels like a middle school lunch. It’s boring, unwelcoming, and doesn’t give that “high school vibe.” If I knew how to create a welcoming lunch environment for middle schoolers and high schoolers together, I would. But the problem is that I don’t know who to talk to to organize that project or who would help me make that welcoming, fun, chill lunch room. And that’s just my opinion about things I want to see change in the school: other students had other ideas for what they would like to see in the 2019-2020 school year and beyond.


“What I want to see is a better announcing system. Right now the administration does a poor job announcing events. I think they should utilize The Eagle more. They shouldn’t do announcements during homeroom. I think a school wide text remind would be helpful as well as email blasts to students and even an Instagram page for the entire school, not just clubs.”

-Anonymous, 11


“I think the school should hire more educated teachers for certain subjects. Of course better lunches, but they are slowly improving. More effort into clubs like making it an obligation for students to do at least one a year. Definitely more opportunities for students like volunteering since we don’t really know where to find volunteer opportunities especially for high school students.”

-Kayla Campbell, 10


“So I know it’s not something the administration has a lot of control over but I would  like to see more diversity. This school isn’t as diverse as everyone says it is. Again this is not something the administration could directly change but instead of, for example, having to retake the Keystones every time you fail, they should have you take each one your freshman year and then retake it your senior year to see your progress. I also think the school lunches should have more allergy opportunities like non-dairy options and no-gluten options that aren’t just a salad or sandwich. I know it would be hard but just like more of a variety.”

-Allisa Powell, 9 and Isabella Panasko, 9


“We need a way cleaner school and more light throughout the entire school. DEFINITELY need dividers in the boys bathroom. Also nicer looking stairwells, get rid of the Peabody. I think the administration should do a better job at kicking out the kids who are continuously being disrespectful. Lastly, more recreational sports equipment for the gym.”

-Anonymous, 10


So you see, students of Pittsburgh Obama, we have suggestions too. We know what we want to see change. Some things might need more time than others but in my opinion mostly everything can be done.

One last thing that I think the school would really benefit from is incorporating our student voices more. To do that I think that teachers should put in recommendations for each grade on who they think should represent that class. Every week those representatives should meet with an administrator and talk about goals for each quarter, semester, or school year and how they could achieve those goals. They used to do this in middle school but it wasn’t super efficient and ended up just failing. I think this is something that can definitely be done and have a better impact on the school in the long run.