Obama Frisbee Demolishes 2019!

Obama Frisbee Demolishes 2019!

Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

This year Obama Frisbee had a huge roster and a highly successful season. Players grew significantly through this year, but I mean what is frisbee, is it even a sport?

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

Well yes, it is a sport. Frisbee is even recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Frisbee is a team based sport based on throwing a plastic disc from one end zone to another. Players can not move with the disc and are forced to throw it. Players also have to run, jump, and dive to catch the disc and hopefully score.  The sport is very taxing physically but is a lot of fun to play.


The Obama Team

This year the Obama frisbee team played in Pittsburgh High School Ultimates Division II league. The team had a hard fought season where they demolished all the surrounding area schools. This year Obama was able to beat its self determined rivals Central Catholic, The Vikings stood no chance against the formidable Eagles losing 13-8.


The mighty players were not without loss though. Obama, unfortunately, lost in the quarterfinals against Bethel Park. The game was incredibly close with a score of 14-12. The Eagles finished this closely contested season with a winning record of 7-5. All in all the season was a huge success, especially for a team that had only two practices (an improvement of twofold from last year!). Although some games got very chippy Obama players rose above the poor attitude and behavior of the other teams and had a great season!

Plans for Next Season

Next year Isaac Degenholtz will be staying on as a captain, additionally, Daevan Mangalmurti will be remaining as Assistant to the Captain. Coaching wise we hope to see the beloved coach Dan Goldstein return, but since he is now looking for a job we can only pray. Hopefully, the Eagles can also again secure the help of an Obama soccer coach who goes under the alias of “Crispy Thighs”. Together the Eagle coaches hope to gave another successful season with their favorite group of high school flunkies.


Interested in playing frisbee with Obama? Contact Isaac Degenholtz [email protected]