The Popeyes Sandwich: My thoughts!


Isaac Degenholtz, Website Director

Over two months ago I tried and failed to obtain the Popeyes Classic Chicken Sandwich. A friend and I traveled to three different locations and all three times failed to obtain even a single piece of crispy chicken, much less a whole sandwich. 

But Sunday, Nov. 3, was different. Arriving early in the morning we were able to obtain three classic chicken sandwiches and enjoy them in a nearby park. Here are my thoughts on the elusive Popeyes Sandwich.

Comparisons will be made to Chick Fil A, KFC, and Bird on the Run.

This review does not include the spicy version of the sandwich as they were unavailable at the time of writing. 


The Bun:

This bun is not like the KFC’s donut monstrosity. It was good, chewy, and enjoyable. Although not as good as the Bird on the Run bun, I prefer it to the Chick Fil A bun, which is often too thin and tasteless. 


The Sauce (and other condiments):

If you like mayo, which I do, then you will love this mayo. It is flavorful and creamy. 

Additionally, the sandwich comes with pickles which add a tart taste to the meal. 


The Chicken:

This piece of chicken was mighty thick. As I saw them making it I said to my friend “wow, look at how meaty that is” and when it arrived I was not disappointed. The chicken was thick and flavorful. But, I will have to say I was a little bit disappointed in the lack of crispiness. The KFC sandwich was definitely crispier, as was the one found at Bird on the Run.


The Eating Experience:

Eating this sandwich is great. Every bite has a good flavor. It’s easy to hold and is very enjoyable overall. There is a possibility of mayo spewing everywhere so be careful. But otherwise, it is easy and enjoyable to eat.


The location:

Every Popeyes is different, but the one I went to on Sunday and the ones I went to two months ago definitely affect the review. There is nothing wrong with the staff, nor the customers. But these buildings were not designed for the chaos of this sandwich. 


As you can see in these photos the locations are packed and it is incredibly difficult to get your sandwich and other items. 


The Taste:

I’ll be blunt. This sandwich is delicious. All of the flavors work well together. The chicken with the mayo and pickles is a classic and excellent combination. The sandwich is more exciting than your simple Chick- Fil- A sandwich, but it does not taste nearly as good as a Bird on the Run sandwich. Although I wish the chicken could have been crispier it only detracts slightly from the overall package.


My Conclusion:

If you are willing to spend time in long lines, then go get this sandwich. It is very good. Furthermore, the sandwich only costs $4.27 after tax which is a great deal. In my opinion, the Popeyes Classic Chicken Sandwich is better than the Chick-Fil-A Sandwich but not as good as the Bird on the Run sandwich. But at the price of $4, it is an incredibly good deal, better than either of the two previously named sandwiches. 


One thing to note though, if you go to Popeyes to order this wonderful creation, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER 30 SANDWICHES. Whoever did that at Popeyes in Monroeville is a criminal and should be brought to justice