Senior of the Week: Caleb Nesbit


Zoeie McKnight, Student Life Writer

The man. The myth. The legend. The President of YAG. The VP of 2020. The one and only, Caleb Nesbit. Now you may not know who Caleb is since he’s usually under the radar but once you see him, you can’t forget him. Caleb is one of those people you just know is going to be successful in life based on his work ethic, the confidence in his voice and just his personality in general. I don’t know Caleb very well but when interviewing him, I could already tell that he’s someone who is very easy to get along with.


ZM: What made you want to run for Vice President?

CN: People told me to run for a student office position but I couldn’t decide which one. I honestly didn’t think I would do well in any position other than Vice President. 

ZM: What has been your biggest accomplishment as VP so far?

CN: I think the biggest accomplishment that the student officers and I have been able to achieve has been the continuous communication between us and the rest of the class of 2020.

ZM: What is something that you’ll always remember when you look back on high school?

CN: The crazy people I surround myself with.

ZM: What are you most looking forward to after high school?

CN: Going to college and living on my own. I’m tweakin’ for real.

ZM: What teacher has had the biggest influence on you during high school?

CN: Mrs. Sharif because I’ve been in the marching band since middle school and she’s helped me build confidence in myself overall. Also Ms. McKrell because she pushed me to do my best in her class which not only helped me build academic confidence but confidence in myself all together.

ZM: Finally, if you could choose a song to play as you walk on the stage to receive your diploma, which song would you choose?

CN: Breaking Free from High School Musical.


Along with being the President of YAG, the Vice President of the class of 2020, a drum major in the marching band and a senior in high school, Caleb somehow managed to apply to many schools for next fall. So far he’s been accepted to Pitt but hasn’t made any final decisions. Like most people who live in Pittsburgh, he wants to venture out and start a new life on his own. He’s interested in majoring in Biology and Psychology because he’s interested in going into the medical field. In his own words, “I think I would be good at it”. Caleb has done some great things for the school since he’s attended it and along with the other class officers, I don’t know what we’re going to do without them next year. They’ve raised the bar for all the classes that will follow in their footsteps.