Senior of the Week: Cecil Price III


Senior Cecil Price

Zoeie McKnight, Student Life Writer

Introducing the 2020 Barack Obama Academy class president, Cecil Price III. Cecil is just one of those people that everybody in the school knows. Everyone knows that he dresses to impress every single day. I’ve been going to school with Cecil for about 6 years and I can’t remember ever seeing him in a t-shirt and jeans. Makes you wonder, how many button-down collared shirts does he have? The world may never know. But today they will know the name Cecil Price III. Whether it’s medical, political or even educational. No matter what, the name Cecil Price III will go down in history, at least in Obama history.


ZM: As class president, what is one thing you hope your class will remember you by?

CP: Someone who didn’t take the role as class president lightly. Some people will take the position just as a resume filler, but for me and our class as a whole we want to leave a legacy that other classes can emulate.


ZM: How do you think we could improve our reputation as Obama students, faculty, and administration?

CP: Communication. Many people don’t know the quality of education that Obama can provide for students. I think we could also be more transparent about what Obama really is and what it offers.


ZM: If you had the opportunity to be the principal for one day, what would you do?

CP: I would conduct a professional If I ran a PD for a day, I would focus on the opinions of the teachers on how PD should be conducted and what should be done to make it more successful.


ZM: When you think back to your time in high school, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

CP: The day the senior class officers were chosen. I could immediately see the future of our class and school was bright.


ZM: Do you feel like Obama has truly prepared you for college life?

CP: Yes. I’ve been told by alumni that the IB curriculum has been helpful to get assignments completed and that it’s actually more intense than college classes.


ZM: What was the best advice you received while going through high school?

CP: Take your time on everything and don’t put too much on your plate 


    As you might have been able to tell just by his answers, Cecil is very mature for his age. So far, Cecil has been accepted to Clarion, Carlow, Ohio Northern, Philander, Talladaga, and Wilberforce with over $100,000 in scholarships. Some of those schools have even offered him a full ride. Besides those schools, Cecil has also applied to Howard, Hampton, Morehouse, and Pitt but everything is still up in the air right now. Most people, like myself, would think that Cecil would want to be a doctor or a businessman but in reality, Cecil wants to become an educator and possibly superintendent of a district. And even potentially mayor. I would not be surprised if I heard that he had become any one of those things because Cecil is just one of those people who is going to succeed in whatever he decides to do. Cecil would also like to thank all the teachers and students from 6th-12th grade because they helped mold him into the man he is today.